The Kindest Cut – transparency in the supply chain

Australian imageAn insightful and sensitive piece from Max Brearley for The Weekend Australian (The Kindest Cut, Saturday 15 April 2016), discussing the need for transparent slaughtering and food production, with our micro-abattoir at Southampton as a significant case study.  The journey of an animal from farm to plate might seem simple and straightforward – if we even think about it – but in reality, it’s often convoluted and opaque.  Max spent a day with us around the farm and in the abattoir, experiencing the slaughtering process from start to finish:

The death business is as contentious as it is confronting and, most times, we will opt for blissful ignorance over anything more specific.

The article also features Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms and our mates over at Feather and Bone, Sydney and highlights a small but growing group of people around Australia seeking to build greater trust, connection and honour into the food system.  If we genuinely want a more ethical and transparent approach to food production, then it is essential for farmers to take back control of this key aspect of the supply chain – slaughtering.

Image credit: The Australian

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