How we farm

Your beautiful food is produced using ecological, ethical and stress-free farming methods – right from paddock to plate.   We were recognised by the Australian Government in 2016 with a Landcare Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices.  This approach gives them a high quality of life and allows our animals to fully express health in their physiology.

Chickens and ducks on Southampton Farm follow a herd of grazing cows – a practice known as Holistic Management. Put simply, this process mimics nature using animals to build soil and grasses. Our ultimate goal is to build soil, the very basis of life. Practicing Holistic Management – one of the key tools of regenerative agriculture – means our pastures stay completely chemical- and input-free.

The birds’ diet includes insects, soil, diverse perennial pasture and sunshine.   Chickens and ducks are also fed a supplemental fermented feed – to develop their gut bacteria and provide additional protein. This supplement has NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO Soy and contains no canola, reducing the risk of GMO contamination.

The result? Great-tasting and naturally nutritious food. And, you can be confident that every animal has been cared for and handled by us all the way from farm to plate. Our friends at Regrarians’ produced this gorgeous video of the whole process.


Our philosophy recognises that “…its all connected and all interdependent”…all the systems of this planet, including the human ones.  That nothing happens in isolation. That eating well, moving well, and thinking well for all life is interdependent on the wellness of our environments… physiological, environmental, ecological, emotional.  This is embodied in our logo: its all alive, its all intelligent, its all connected.  The shovel connects us to the non-industrial, non-intensive roots of all farming, and a farming tool that has been used for over 10,000 years.  If you examine the leaves of the tree closely you’ll understand they symbolise abundance, and inspire us in what we can grow here in this valley.



5 thoughts on “How we farm

  1. It is so great to hear of what you are doing for our poor chickens. I would love to purchase your chickens, I’m in Perth do you have an outlet here.

      1. That is good. I have found a place retailing your produce (meat at 79 in perth), so i shall try your birds…and feedback! 🙂

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