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Local customers

All produce can be ordered online through our simple order form, and collected from your nominated collection point.     Direct farm prices are to follow.

  • Sommerlad Heritage-style meat chickens (whole) – $18.30 /Kg
  • Ross-Style meat chickens – $17 /Kg
  • Muscovy Duck (whole only) – $20 /Kg
  • Hearts – $20/kg (~300 – 500g packs)
  • Liver – $24/kg (~250-300g packs)
  • Feet – $5 for ~400g packs (6 feet per pack)
  • Skinless breast – $32.90 / kg
  • Tenderloins – $34 / kg
  • Wings – $17 / kg
  • Maryland – $25 / kg (thigh + drumstick, bone-in, skin on)
  • Thigh – $30 / Kg
  • Drumsticks – $17 /Kg
  • Frames – $10 / kg
  • Eggs (certified organic, pasture-raised from The Organic Fine Food Company) – ($8.50 / 700g eggs and $9.50 / 800g) [prices per carton]

So how do you buy them?

Buying Clubs.  (Click here to just get straight to the dates, time and place).  These are a direct and informal way to buy your chickens and ducks from us.  Customers travel to a host location (a private residence, driveway) and we’ll be parked there for 30 minutes (birds are frozen fresh within 24 hours of processing).  Product must be pre-ordered and payment is on receipt of the goods on the day of pick up.  To join a buying club or express an interest in hosting one in your area, please contact Michelle on michelle@southamptonhomestead.com for purchase details.

For the Capes and Geographe region, we have buying clubs ready to join in Donnybrook, Bunbury and Dunsborough, last WEDNESDAY of every month. For the Perth metropolitan area, we deliver to Mundaring on the second Friday of every month.

Subiaco Farmers Market  – chooks will be available for retail purchase every week from 7.30am to 12.00 noon.   Growers Green (Fremantle) Farmers Market – every month at the BIG market (first Sunday of every month).  Margaret River Farmers Market every fortnight.

Selected restaurants and local food outlets.  Our delicious produce is available at selected restaurants and retail outlets in Perth and the Southwest – find out exactly who and where.  Contact Michelle on michelle@southamptonhomestead.com to find out about stocking our product.

Farm gate sales.  If you live or find yourself in the Blackwood Valley, you can pick up from the farm by arrangement.  If you have a special order or need them sooner or are passing through then please call our team on 0439 093 868 to confirm an arrangement (24 hours notice is appreciated!).

Local Chefs

We supply pastured duck and chicken to selected restaurants and special events, including the 2015 pop-up dining event Kent and Co in Balingup, led by restauranteur Shay Kent and head chef Ben Day, and with Fervor and the South West Catchments Council.   Please contact Michelle on 0439 093 868 or michelle@southamptonhomestead.com to discuss your particular needs.

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