Beef FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in Southampton’s beautiful 100% grass fed Jersey x Angus/Murray Grey beef.  Please see below for a list of questions and answers that covers just about everything – please get in touch if you have any further queries.

Quarter vs half – what cuts could I actually get?

It sounds obvious but a beef half (side) is just a whole beef split down the middle, lengthways. ‘Quarter beef’ refers to the hindquarter or the front (fore) quarter portion.

Hindquarters and forequarters produce different cuts of beef. So, to give each customer a fair offering, we will more evenly divide the cuts and ensure that there is a good mix of primal cuts (the steaks etc).  This is referred to as a ‘Quarter Share’. So you can expect a more versatile range of cuts, including rump, scotch, porterhouse, silverside and skirt, plus mince and sausages.  Check out the order form to get more of an idea.

If you’re after a side to split between a few families / people yourself, please contact us.

How is it packaged?

Don’t worry, bulk buy doesn’t mean bulk package. The cuts are packaged as family packs or doubles (e.g. 4 steaks, 6 sausages, 500g mince etc). You can specify how you want them packed. Meat will be vacuum packaged so it will stay nice and fresh in your freezer.

Please note it can be difficult to estimate exact quantities of everything you will get! Remember, if you’re buying a quarter share you are getting roughly ‘half of a half’. The butcher will divide the portions as evenly as possible. So while we can’t be exact on quantity, there’s a lot on offer in terms of cuts. So we’re not able to tell you that you will get exactly 3 porterhouse steak packs, for example, because it will depend on the final weight.

Note also that sausages are gluten free, preservative free and filler free.

What is the cost and how much beef (kgs) will I get?

We charge based on the actual weight of fresh beef received (so minus the bones and fat). The cost to purchase a side pack is $15.50 / kg or a quarter share pack is $16.50 /kg (this includes all coordination by us with the butcher, delivery to abattoir, butchering and slaughtering costs).

Indicative weight ranges for our quarter-share beef are between 25 – 35 kg (packaged weight – what you receive), obviously the more kgs, the more cuts. We can cap it if needs be, provided it’s at least 30kg. So that works out to be around $410 – $570 for a quarter share.

This is just to give you an idea – it’s excellent value for money and of course, you know exactly what you’re eating, and who grew your food.

Can you just deliver my quarter or half to my own butcher?

No, unfortunately. This starts to get tricky – we have very limited choice of abattoir and they do not split carcasses up and send them to different places. It starts to get messy logistically and in our experience the more layers of handling and instruction, the more chance of something going wrong.

We’ll be working with Carbunup Custom Butchers near Dunsborough. We have worked Steve, the owners, for many years now and are very happy with his work.

What do I have to do?

Please confirm by email that you wish to proceed and complete the order form where there is a selection available, then contact us for bank details for a $170 deposit.  :

Final payment / balance of payment is required on the day of delivery / pick up – if you wish to make regular contributions in the lead up to delivery, please let us know and we can work something out.

Your beef will be ready approx. 14 to 21 days from processing day (allows for hanging time).

How do we organise delivery/pick up and final payment?

Final payment can be either direct deposit into our bank account.

Depending on your location, we will either arrange to bring the finished product to an agreed collection point, or we can home deliver for an additional fee, subject to confirmation prior to confirm we can reach your location! The fee will reflect distance from processing – and will be similar or slightly less than what you might pay a courier.

We can discuss delivery and pick up further upon confirmation to find an option that best suits you. 

Why are you doing this? Is it just a one-off or will you regularly offer this?

We run a small herd of mixed herd of cows comprised mainly of Angus / Murray Grey crosses, with a Jersey bull occasionally throw in there to keep things moving!   Right now we offer the steers once or twice a year – from 2021 onwards, we aim to offer more as we grow our herd again.

The cows are a key part of our pasture management and soil building on the farm – grazing, fertilising, trampling, with regular movements to enable grass recovery and build soil carbon and stability.  We are a small farm so we run a small herd, hence this is a regular annual offering rather than something we do every month =.

We generally keep the females to keep adding to the herd, and the steers to create beautiful nutritious food for you and for ourselves. So yes, we will regularly offer as the steers are born and grow up! All our beef is grass fed – with no chemical sprays, no antibiotics or pharmaceuticals.