Grass-fed beef

Every year we offer quarter-share or sides of 100% grass fed beef raised here at Southampton Farm.  You get to pick your cuts and how you’d like them packaged (within reason!), so you can expect a versatile range of cuts, including rump, scotch, porterhouse, silverside and skirt, plus mince and sausages.

Orders are now open for a March/April 2020 delivery.  For more info please check out the FAQ page here, or call Michelle on 0439 093 868.  You can place orders using our simple online form.

We run a small herd of cows comprised mainly of Angus / Murray Grey crosses, with a Jersey bull occasionally throw in there to keep things moving!  The cows are a key part of our pasture management and soil building on the farm – grazing, fertilising, trampling, with regular movements to enable grass recovery and build soil carbon and stability.

All our beef is organically grown and grass fed – no chemical sprays, no antibiotics or pharmaceuticals of any kind. And they are never fed grain.