August – Buying Clubs, markets & new retail

This is what happens when new chickens head out to pasture…no one wants to miss out!   Last week we graduated over 650 chickens to pasture, with the last 100-odd to go out tomorrow…and processed 380 chickens, safely acquired 200 Sommerlads and hatched 40 ducklings!  Spring pastured duck, anyone?



Buying Clubs, markets PLUS new @ Fresh Provisions! 

Please click on the links below for ordering, payment and pick up information.



  • Southwest buying clubs in Bunbury and Dunsborough – Thursday 27 August (details soon!)
  • Margaret River Farmers Market – this Saturday 15 August (and every fortnight), 8am to Noon

Remember, you can pick up your birds any time from these wonderful supporters of local food production, get home delivery with The Local Grocer or enjoy at these leading restaurants.

We’re super excited to announce our delicious chickens will soon be available at Fresh Provisions in Bicton and Mount Lawley!  Available from 21 August onwards.

As always, any questions simply phone Michelle or Jeff: 9764 1220, or email Thank you all for your continued business, encouragement and support.

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